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An international competition held among Jewish high schools across the globe on high-level, Jewish themed math concepts. For the last two years, we had over 1,000 participants!

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We post on interesting topics relating to math in Judaism, famous Jewish mathematicians, and general articles regarding math theory and interesting math concepts. You'll definitely want to read them!


Problem of the Week

Engage yourself each week with fun and intriguing math problems to improve your problem-solving skills and aptitude for math as well as prepare for our annual competition!


From the Staff
Simcha Malina INFO
Founder / President

The JHSML provides a number of wonderful programs in order to create an environment conducive to the development of mathematics in the Jewish community. We hope you use this to your advantage!


Texas Instruments

TI Jewish Initiative

We are excited to announce the Texas Instruments Jewish employee resource group is supporting the Jewish High School Math League this year. Their volunteer engagement and resources will help sustain and grow the competition and maximize the impact of our initiative.

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Global Competition

The JHSML Competition includes thousands of participants in all six continents and will be translated into Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and French in order to reach students in those regions

Students: 1,000+

The competition last year had 1,000+ students representing 50 schools across all six continents. This has transformed the Olympiad from a test to a movement and given Jewish students across the world the opportunity to compete that was previously denied them.


The Jewish High School Math League has partnered with a number of wonderful institutions such as the YU Math Department, which provides the funding and advising necessary to ensure the best experience possible for our participants.

Location: Anywhere!

The office for the JHSML is held in Dallas, TX but the competition includes participants from across the world

Grades: 9-12

The competition is for all Jewish High Schoolers and gives no advantage to any specific grade level - we encourage everyone to participate!

Price: Free!

Due to the generosity of our corporate and community sponsors, all of the JHSML's services, including the competition, are completely free of charge.

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