JHSML 2023 Competition is Complete!

The JHSML annual math-competition has now finished, with students from 3 different continents competing in this year’s exam. After a close initial round, 10% of competing students moved on to a tiebreaker round. The final results are now in, and we are happy to announce the winners of the 2023 JHSML Annual Math Competition:

1st: Daniel Geyfman (Tarbut V’Torah Community Day School)

2nd: Pinchus Cohen and Akiva Fox (Yeshiva University High School for Boys)

3rd: Benedict Tessler (Germantown Friends School), Liam Baruch (Herzlia High School), Adelia Poyarkov (Tarbut V’Torah Community Day School), and Gil Yarsky (Yeshiva Frisch)

4th: Xingrui Chen (Tarbut V’Torah Community Day School), Aaron Pullman (Kind David High School Linksfield), and Jeremy Budin (Rochelle Zell Jewish High School)

5th: Adin Gillers (Rochelle Zell Jewish High School)

Test Questions and Answers coming soon!