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Hi! My name is Leib Malina and I’m currently a senior at Yavneh Academy of Dallas. The reason I founded the Jewish High School Math League last year was to create an opportunity for Jewish students like me to compete and pursue their passion for competitive mathematics, something previously denied us because of our religion. I realized last year after starting the math team at my school that all high-level competitions take place on Saturday, thereby precluding our participation as a religious school. So, I decided to make our own competition and include other Jewish high schools experiencing the same challenge. Last year’s test was an incredible success and I can’t wait to reach even more schools and students in this year’s olympiad.

I believe that math is not just a subject we learn in school, a necessary class required to graduate. I believe that math has the power to help us become more strategic, analytical individuals capable of solving the problems we face in the world around us and as a result I have worked hard both in my local and international Jewish community to spread my passion for math and enable Jewish students just like me to pursue it as well.

I hope that you really take this incredible resource to your advantage and find in math the ability and mindset to change the world around you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime at leibmalina@gmail.com and I’d be happy to help. Looking forward to speaking with you!

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