Study material

Study Material for Competition

The JHSML olympiad is a competitive and high-level competition that will require practice for optimum performance. So, we have provided a practice test as well as last year’s test in order to better prepare your students for the test. Please keep in mind that these questions are not exactly what you will see on the test day and were created in order to mimic the skills required and mindset necessary to succeed. These examples demonstrate the question types and content and allow you an opportunity to practice for the test.

Here is the link to the practice test we have created and here is the link to the corresponding answers. If you want explanations to the answers, please email us individually and we’d be happy to supply you with them.

Here is the link to our 2019 test and here is the link to the corresponding answers and explanations.

Additionally, since the problem of the week series contains problems very similar to the ones on the competition, we have formatted the problems into a test so that you can give this to your students to practice as well. Here is a link to the question document and here is a link to the corresponding answers and explanations.

To best utilize these resources, we suggest that you print out the test and give students 45 minutes to complete it. Then go over the answers and correct students’ mistakes.

Additionally, if you still feel you need more practice material, here are some external links that provide practice problems similar to the ones we will use in our competition. Even if you don’t intend on participating, we still added a number of resources to the list that will help you improve your general math and problem-solving skills. We hope this helps and if you need anything else, please email us at [email protected]