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Mathematicians have been fascinated by Cryptography since its creation, and as the world becomes increasingly dependant on data, this subject is more relevant than ever.  For those that don’t know, cryptography is the use of codes and ciphers in order to encrypt something. Cryptography has 
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The ways people categorize time is mostly based on the placement of the celestial bodies around us. But, unlike the Gregorian calendar, which only relies on the sun, the Jewish Calendar utilizes both the sun and moon. The Jewish calendar has 354 days each year 
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For our first article in the series, I want to introduce a topic that not only includes high-level math concepts but some fascinating Jewish History as well. Yosef ben Matityahu, as Josephus was known to the Jews, was born in the Rome-occupied Jerusalem in 37 
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Pi. Not to be confused with pie, the delicious dessert filled with cinnamon spiced apples or gooey cherries, the number pi proves a powerful tool in the realm of mathematics. Pi, or 3.14159, is an irrational number commonly used in geometry to determine the circumference 
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Around the world, math evolved in different ways across different cultures. Pi was discovered in Greece, but also in China. Our numbers are Arabic, and there is also an interesting case of tribal math in Ethiopia used in the 19th century that was reported by 
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