About Us

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Jewish High School Math League (JHSML) is to promote and contribute to the development and growth of mathematics among the new generation of Jewish youth by holding international competitions and establishing a network of Jewish teens passionate about math.


The Jewish High School Math League was created because virtually all high ranking math competitions take place on Saturday, which precludes the participation of religious Jews. Therefore, we want to provide an opportunity to those who are already interested in math an opportunity to compete as well and for those who aren’t yet a means of inspiration. This competition retains the prestige of other international Olympiads and additionally provides a supportive and competitive Jewish environment, allowing Jewish high schools and students across the world to pursue their love for math.


The services we provide are a competition among Jewish high schools and participants on high-level, Jewish themed math concepts; a blog with topics relating to Math in Judaism, famous Jewish mathematicians, and general articles regarding Math theory and interesting math concepts; and a problem of the week series to help engage one’s self with fun, logic based problems relating to Jewish concepts.