A Mathematician’s Favorite Book

For those who are interested in math and are looking for a fun way to further their knowledge, we’ve found the book for you.

The Little Book Of Mathematical Principles, Theories, & Things by Robert Solomon is an interesting and illuminating read. It chronologically reviews all of the major mathematical discoveries from the creation of numbers to quantum mechanics. For each of these 131 different theorems, Solomon briefly describes the basic principles and explains how they were discovered. As a result, one can quickly cover the history of mathematics and then further delve into the topics they enjoy. All in all, The Little Book Of Mathematical Principles, Theories, & Things is an enjoyable read which can help expand your knowledge and passion for mathematics regardless of your previous aptitude and we highly recommend it to all audiences.

In following blog posts, we will cover some of our favorite concepts included in this book and describe them in further detail.

Hope you enjoyed!

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